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This 3 Day On Site Paid certification course focuses on the main HSM types in use, namely the Luna SA latest generation 7 and has the option to follow the Luna 6 Labs instead - You can choose which lab to follow. The theoretical part of the course focuses on product description, solution architecture, deployment, and maintenance, while the practical sessions include:
product administration, integration, and troubleshooting – all through hands-on sessions in which a Luna SA HSM is installed and configured to demonstrate a working solution. Certification is granted upon participating in the course and passing the relevant certification exam.

Participants will experience installing the product and operating it to simulate a working environment.

A purchase order is required using the following partcode:
Client Services, HSM, Standard Certification course, per student.
Cost per attendee is £1280.00 or 1480 Euro.

**Due to limited seating capacity , each registration application is pending approval.**

Location: Camberley UK
Time: 15:00 PM - 5:30 AM
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Camberley UK
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