Storage-Level Encryption

Peace of mind with Storage-Level Encryption

Avoid embarrassing data breach disclosures

Storage-level encryption ensures that if storage media is lost or stolen, the data remains protected, so companies avoid having to make embarrassing data breach disclosures. Storage-level encryption is beneficial whether the data in question is covered under privacy laws or other industry mandates such as PCI DSS. Some experts argue that all storage systems should be encrypted by default. Off-site archiving firms and couriers are even starting to turn away unencrypted tapes or charge a premium to cover their increased risk.

Protecting Keys

The confidentiality of encrypted data in storage depends on the security of the encryption keys. Unauthorized access to the keys will compromise the security of data in storage. The security of keys must also ensure they are available to legitimate users when needed.

Using Pre-Certified Cryptographic Implementations

Implement effective storage encryption solutions quickly with a single, consistent key management infrastructure that is pre-qualified to work with storage devices from leading vendors. Thales keyAuthority is a proven, standards-based, hardened key management platform that enables organizations to automate and centralize administration of encryption keys across classes of encrypting storage devices such as tape libraries, disk arrays, and SAN switches from leading storage vendors.

Managing Keys

As organizations deploy storage devices from a range of vendors, attention rapidly turns from the encryption process itself to the challenge of efficiently managing the keys throughout their life cycle across those systems.

Delivering Data Protection

keyAuthority streamlines routine key management operations and auditing tasks, dramatically reducing operational costs, complexity, and risk of human error.

Creating Trusted Platform for Cryptographic Processing

Products and services from Thales eSecurity enable one to deploy high assurance storage-level encryption solutions with confidence by adding effective centralized key management to the encryption capabilities embedded in modern storage devices.

Enabling Control and Agility

With Thales keyAuthority, organizations can take control of their storage encryption keys, guard against theft or misuse, and most importantly be confident that archived keys will always be available - removing the fear that encryption keys might be lost and that stored data would be left unreadable forever.

Robust Security

Effectively safeguard and automate the management of storage encryption keys across their lifecycle - ensuring that keys are available when needed. Satisfy external mandates and establish tangible security benchmarks through the use of a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified product. Reduce the risk of insider attacks by enforcing separation of duties between storage administrators and security officers.

Operational Flexibility

Simplify compliance reporting obligations and forensic requests through sophisticated and secure auditing capabilities. Comply with emerging key management standards to establish a vendor-neutral approach that can grow with your organization.

High Performance

Establish high availability and scalability though real-time replication and capacity that scales to millions of keys and thousands of storage devices. Makes it easy to back-up data, ensuring the availability of keys without slowing down the process.

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