Securing your Digital Transformation

Thales eSecurity is on the forefront of securing digital transformation for enterprises with a broad suite of digital security solutions.

Digital Transformation

To meet changing business demands, CIOs are taking the lead in the digital transformation vision and execution — embracing new opportunities and building revenue by leveraging all digital technology offers in terms of connectivity, stability, efficiency and digital transformation security.

Digital Transformation Challenges: The Need for Trust

But, this is only possible with information that’s trusted and reliable, regardless of its format, who it’s from, where it goes or how it’s used. Which is why keeping data secure throughout its lifecycle has become a critical priority and a constant security challenge for the digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Security

Thales eSecurity accelerates your digital transformation vision and execution by making data safe in any environment while maintaining business agility. Our data security platform provides encryption, advanced key management, tokenization, and HSM solutions that protect data in any environment and scale easily to new requirements while reducing complexity. We protect structured and unstructured data at rest, in motion and in use across devices, processes, platforms and environments.

Enterprises in finance, government, manufacturing and technology use the data security foundation Thales eSecurity provides for digital transformation security of their organizations.

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